Operational Acumen

Experienced and knowledgeable identification of what performance “levers” to pull, when, and how.

Do you need a business health check up?

If you’re like most business owners your wearing multiple hats and more than likely you become overwhelmed with trying keep up with running the day-to-day operations of your business. Business owners need a partner who can put their hat and t-shirt on and provide unbiased analysis of their operations with expert advice on what’s working, what’s not, and why. 

Our team at Iron Fist can provide an in-depth assessment of a business’s overall health. Often the assessment is a validation of ownership’s hypothesis on business trends. The assessment is comprehensive and can identify areas of opportunity for stabilization and growth. In addition to identifying areas of opportunity, the assessment can provide priorities on all areas of the organization, as shown in the example below.

Level 1 – Items with the most significant anticipated financial impact and ROI.
Level 2 – Items with less immediate potential financial impact but foundationally significant to achieving the highest priority items, Level 1.
Level 3 – Having value and potential financial impact but not directly tied to the immediate success of Level 1 or 2.

What We Do


Discussion to understand your current Operational business model, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)’s, KPI’s, staff, vendors, goals and explore where our support services can be leverage.


An in-depth, on site, review of the operational model. Followed by a detailed written assessment of our findings and corrective actions necessary to meet your goals, objectives and timelines,


Provide strategic planning consultation, to ensure successful execution of the specific opertatiional asssessment objectives you have prorirtized.


Monitor and interpret the relevant business data, provide regular reporting and consultation on required with processes, procedures, and standards.