Staff Performance

A proven scientific process that assesses an individual’s hardwiring and life experience, translating that into fit for role and performance potential.

Bill Nalu and Stan Stokes discuss the importance of using data and information to enhance customer relationships and sales. They share their experiences with auditing phone calls and using personality assessments to identify areas for improvement.

What's happening to the technical labor pool?

For several years, the number of job openings has been larger than the number of job seekers for the first time since the Department of Labor began tracking job-turnover stats 20 years ago.

Is your hiring process unreliable and unpredictable?

The downside is that these methods are unreliable and unpredictable.  An assessment gives you a clear predictor of fit and performance potential of each candidate.

The Iron Fist assessment process brings a proven scientific approach to hiring by leveraging an industry specific, standardized, reliable and statistically valid assessment, providing consultative insights into an individual’s potential obstacles and natural tendencies. Helping our clients make hiring decisions that are data driven, not feeling and emotion driven.

We utilize the First Online Assessment group, which has been in business 35 years, with over 3,500 clients worldwide (40 countries, 40 languages), has a Database of more than 35 million completed assessments, & 3,500 validation studies of high performers in multiple industries.

Performance Potential Equation

What We Do


Gaining insight into your business procedures and culture.


A proven scientific process that assesses an individual’s hardwiring and life experience and translates that data into fit for role and performance potential around your business procedures and culture.


Insights into the impact the candidate or teammate may have on the team and company goals.


Ongoing insight and consultation on staff performance and fit for role.